[Paleopsych] death penalty?

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 01:18:40 UTC 2004

>>But folks who have second violations of selling 
the stuff to people outside that system (after the
clinics are established) should have the death

-How about the death penalty for people who sell
alcohol, a deadly drug? Or is there some double
standard in how we judge the impact of drugs on

If it were me, I'd deal with drugs as a health issue.
Cocaine dealers and alcohol/tobacco dealers are both
contributing to the death toll from those drugs, but
neither deserves death, in my opinion. Or both do. We
ought to be consistent, either way. 

More and more, I'm convinced that politics is a deadly
drug. It's distorting judgment on all sides and
contributing to a hostile culture where nobody feels
safe or heard.


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