[Paleopsych] butterfly effect

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 21:54:24 UTC 2004

>>I see a convergence of negative factors:

Oil prices running up.
Job creation reports deteriorating.
Situation in Iraq/Iran deteriorating.
Hurricane season is just beginning.<<

--Interesting to consider the butterfly effect in a
system of increasingly interdependent and enmeshed
factors. Bin Laden may be one manifestation of that
effect: his goal is not to destroy the US through
military dominance, he lacks that capability. Instead,
he is harnessing the properties of the system which he
sees as his enemy, intending to provoke us to lash out
at Islamic nations, reinforcing the "clash of
civilizations" view which he needs to spread in order
to gain new recruits. He's looking for a ripple
effect, economic weaknesses and other instabilities in
our system that would be amplified by the reckless use
of US military force abroad. He may well succeed. In
our dependence on displays of force, we may in fact be
giving him the propaganda advantage he wants. This,
because we do not understand the butterfly effect, and
he does. 


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