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Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. ljohnson at solution-consulting.com
Fri Aug 27 01:29:40 UTC 2004

(Off topic? Probably, but leadership is a paleopsych type of issue . . . )

Steve, you are showing some real humor there. Do I want to be shot or 
hanged? (shot, of course, it is the Manly way to go). Stand by for a 

Bush: empathic, tremendously liked by those who actually know him (I 
have spoken with several people who know him personally, including a 
secret service agent, apolitical, but he liked the Bushes very much and 
was repulsed by the Clintons) but completely lacking in any vision (Bush 
family = vision disabled). We must have a vision. I know that the man is 
emotionally intelligent, but politically he is all over the map, doing 
very liberal things, nominating conservative judges, running up 
deficits, calling for free trade and protecting steel .  . . it is 
crazy. He is apparently smart (drove a fighter jet, and didn't kill 
himself) but I can't figure him out. What does he stand for? I am most 

Kerry: Reptile. Very cold man. There is a reason that about 200 of his 
former brothers in arms think he is unfit for leadership. I was in the 
national guard 1963 - 1970, special forces medic, and I despise the man. 
There is nothing that could ever redeem him in my eyes. His 'service' 
since? Nothing. No legislation to speak of, voting to cripple the 
military and intelligence services.  I am convinced he is a blow-hard, a 
stuffed shirt who cooked his war record. What were the Demos thinking? 
When he fell down  snowboarding and blamed it on his secret service 
detachment, that was the final straw.

Steve, when Nixon ran, I wrote in Eldredge Cleaver. Twice. I may again. 
I know, the guy is dead, but wouldn't that reduce the damage he would 
do? Or maybe I will write in my brother, the professor of Chemical 
Engineering, and hope he can engineer some great alternatives to fossil 
fuels. The whole election turns my stomach.

Seriously, I am frightened for my country. These jokers are the best we 
can do? My brother wanted me to vote Kerry, but I can't and he doesn't 
want to. He said, "I listen to tapes of Churchill's speeches on the way 
to work. The man was prophetic, visionary. Where are those leaders today?"

I wish I knew.

Steve wrote:

>Given a choice between idiots, do you prefer
>an empathic idiot or a reptilian idiot?
>Steve Hovland
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