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Mike Levine had a great show on Suitcase Nuclear bombs last Monday, did you 
catch it? I think he said OBL had purchased 40 of these from Russia.

hb: aha.  so you missed my art bell show appearance saturday night discussing 
islam's nuclear threats for three hours.  i'd have liked your opinion of it.

As for the issue about who suffers more...men or women, my friend had a good 
point - she said its true we all suffer as humans but dont the POOR suffer 
more than the RICH? So there are differences...(I still think she is right that 
women do suffer more then men in general). What do you think?
hb: in his Progress Paradox, Glenn Eastbrook sums up the literature on 
happiness and comes to the conclusion that no matter how rich you get, you still 
manage to fill some internally driven quota of discontent and misery.  I believe 
that Timothy Wilson in his book on the adaptive subconscious also shows a lot 
of evidence that we have an internal set-point for misery that manufactures 
miseries when we're in clover and manufactures blessings when we are truly laid 

You dream of winning the lottery and are miserable because you are not 
wealthy as a prince.  Then you win the lottery and are miserable because you have no 
more goals to pursue and your former friends no longer come to you to chat or 
watch the ball game on tv.  All they want from you is money.  
You come down with a dire disease.  You fight it like hell.  You feel it 
strengthens you and gives you new insight.  And things that others take for 
granted become delights to you.
This isn’t poetry, it’s the result of research.  The happiest people tend to 
be the disabled and the chronically ill.
In technical terms, we have a homeostatic mechanism that makes sure that we 
each have our tiny share of joys and our far larger parcel of griefs.
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