[Paleopsych] why is the amygdala so sneaky?

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Sounds like Freud intuited a lot of material that modern neurobiology would 

All thanks, David.  

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Actually, Freud thought that repression is an unconscious act.   

Freud thought that conscious states must have sensory qualities in order to 
be conscious.  Counscious is a fabric of smells, tastes, sounds, sights etc.  
It follows that mental states devoid of these 'qualia' (as they are nowadays 
called) must be unconscious.  Thought, then, has to be unconscious.

How, then, do these nonsensory thoughts become conscious?  Freud thought that 
they have to become associated with language.  Language can serve as a 
go-between mediating the relationship between thought and consciousness because it 
shares the same abstract structure as thought but it is also a richly sensory 
symbol system.  

Freud thought that repression is a motiviated failure to translate 
unconscious thought into language, a failure to articulate our own thoughts to 
ourselves.  According to this thesis repression can't be conscious because it undercuts 

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