[Paleopsych] repression and consciousness

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 18:51:42 UTC 2004

>>Freud thought that repression is a motiviated 
failure to translate unconscious thought into
language, a failure to articulate our own thoughts to 
ourselves.  According to this thesis repression can't
be conscious because it undercuts consciousness.<<

--Consciousness and unconsciousness could just be
figure/ground to one another. It's entirely possible
that the repression mechanisms are conscious on some
level, but out of sight of the "ego" (whatever that
is). The unconscious can be quite intelligent, but it
has to speak in code to avoid the ego poking around.
Why the ego would be a threat is an interesting
question... maybe it's necessary for the ego not to
gain too much control over machinery that is too
complex for it to operate smoothly.

Hypnotherapists say things like "You know that your
conscious mind has tried to solve this problem and
failed. Now I'd like to have you give your OTHER mind
a chance." Such statements seem nonsensical to people
who think of the "self" as an impermeable unity, but
they work. 


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