[Paleopsych] Religion, Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology

David Smith dsmith06 at maine.rr.com
Thu Jul 22 01:58:26 UTC 2004

A selection of the papers presented at the New England Institute's 2003
conference on Religion, Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology have
now been published in a special issue of Evolution and Cognition 10(1)
edited by Robert E. Haskell and myself.

  1.. Robert A. Hinde 'Religious systems: evolution, cultural change and the
development of religiosity'
  2.. Hank Davis & Andrea Javor 'Religion, death and horror movies: some
striking evolutionary parallels'
  3.. Joseph Bubulia 'Religious costs as adaptations that signal altruistic
  4.. Allen D. McNeill 'The capacity for religious experience is an
evolutionary adaptation to warfare'
  5.. Jesper Sorensen 'Religion, evolution and an immunology of cultural
  6.. Bradley Franks 'Negation and doubt in religious representations:
context-dependence, emotion and action'
  7.. Robert E. Haskell 'Subliteral (SubL) schemata of deity in verbal
  8.. Steven W. Kercel & Donald C. Mikulecky 'Why do people behave
  9.. Ryan McKay 'Hallucinating God? The cognitive neuropsychiatry of
religious belief and experience.
  10.. Jesse M. Bering 'Natural selection is nondenominational: why
evolutionary models of religion should be more concerned with behavior than
  11.. Craig T. Palmer & Lyle B. Steadman 'With or without belief: a new
approach to the definition and explanation of religion'

For information on obtaining the journal, contact the Konrad Lorenz
Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research sec at kla.univie.ac.at

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