[Paleopsych] Jihad and the petri dish--Osama's reproductive strategy

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I agree with what you have wrote. I am convinced that if western society will 
along the current approach it will stop to exist. What will happen then is 
not clear. You did not talk about China. It might become the next power and not 
the Islam.
Eshel--I've written about China elsewhere...in  
“Will This Be The Chinese Century?” In Everything You Know Is Wrong: The 
Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies.  New York: The Disinformation Company 
Ltd., 2002.

The gist of the matter is this.  China has a unique historical luxury.  It 
can watch while the West and Islam pummel each other to death.  It can sit by 
while militant Islam cuts the sinews and tendons of the United States and, in 
the process, wastes the Islamic Umma's resources and strength.

Then it can step into the vacuum that this war of civilizations, this war of 
worlds, creates.  Howard

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