[Paleopsych] Osama as viewed from Moscow sitter and conservative sovietsit

Pavel Kurakin pkurakin at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 10:23:46 UTC 2004

Since I am kindly invited by Prof. Howard Bloom to paleopsych, I observe the talks on Mr. Osama and a fight to Militant Islam. 
Up to now I tried to stay silent, since I felt myself ignorant of the problem. Besides, I am foreigner. 
But now I come to some formulation. It may seem crazy... But who knows. My logical chain is as follows:
1) Decay of USSR played a very bad role to the whole-world atmosphere. I don't know how exactly, but Osama's problem would be much softer (sorry, if even it was at all) in the presence of USSR. Misters like Osama sat very very silent while two tigers - US vs. SU - fought. 2-poled world is very attractive indeed.
2) So (of course, it may be wrong, why not), USA need ANOTHER powerfull country. In Osama's problem SU would be MUCH (say, 70-80%) on USA side. You may find it crazy, but USA as NOW need USSR as THEN. They need STRONG Russia. 
Russia in USSR view, let me stress, was MUCH more open and friendly to USA, than China. USSR IN PRINCIPLE was possible to be a reliable partner of USA. China not. 
If one find this not serious, he can omit point 3. 
3) To assist in restoring strong Russia (if! if, if, if...), USA should STOP supporting market reforms in Russia and Putin. Hard data show, that the only republic of former USSR, without huge oil resources (like Rusian Federation), is at growth. It is Belarus, who much conserved planned economy. World Bank data show, that Belarus has largest true income of citizens and economy growth among all ex-USSR republics.
It may be very difficult to accept, that market economy EXACTLY IN RUSSIA failed compared in plan way, compared to former USSR and today's Belarus. This means refusing some extremist market religion. But facts are facts. 
Russia CAN become a strong if it resores, at leats, SOME PRINCIPLES of planning economy. 
For those who are interested let me intoduce prof. Khorev and Dr. Parshev, who were seriously discussed last 5 years in Russia. They argue ,that in Russian climate and geography, plan is natural way of oceomy, while market principles lead to huge problems, MOST LIKELY unsolvable.
1. Of course, USA people can say, they need not strong Russia. But you had no Osama, when Osama was. You had nothing like 9\11.

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