[Paleopsych] FOIA request content to voting officials

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 9 05:14:18 UTC 2004

from blackboxvoting.org

We request the following records.
Item 1. All notes, emails, memos, and other communications pertaining to 
any and all problems experienced with the voting system, ballots, voter 
registration, or any component of your elections process, beginning October 
12, through November 3, 2004.
Item 2. Copies of the results slips from all polling places for the Nov. 2, 
2004 election. If you have more than one copy, we would like the copy that 
is signed by your poll workers and/or election judges.
Item 3: The internal audit log for each of your Unity, GEMS, WinEds, Hart 
Intercivic or other central tabulating machine. Because different 
manufacturers call this program by different names, for purposes of 
clarification we mean the programs that tally the composite of votes from 
all locations.
Item 4: If you are in the special category of having Diebold equipment, or 
the VTS or GEMS tabulator, we request the following additional audit logs:
a. The transmission logs for all votes, whether sent by modem or uploaded 
directly. You will find these logs in the GEMS menu under "Accuvote OS 
Server" and/or "Accuvote TS Server"
b. The "audit log" referred to in Item 3 for Diebold is found in the GEMS 
menu and is called "Audit Log"
c. All "Poster logs". These can be found in the GEMS menu under "poster" 
and also in the GEMS directory under Program Files, GEMS, Data, as a text 
file. Simply print this out and provide it.
d. Also in the Data file directory under Program Files, GEMS, Data, please 
provide any and all logs titled "CCLog," "PosterLog", and Pserver Log, and 
any logs found within the "Download," "Log," "Poster" or "Results" 
e. We are also requesting the Election Night Statement of Votes Cast, as of 
the time you stopped uploading polling place memory cards for Nov. 2, 2004 
Item 5: We are requesting every iteration of every interim results report, 
from the time the polls close until 5 p.m. November 3.
Item 6: If you are in the special category of counties who have modems 
attached, whether or not they were used and whether or not they were turned 
on, we are requesting the following:
a. internal logs showing transmission times from each voting machine used 
in a polling place
b. The Windows Event Viewer log. You will find this in administrative 
tools, Event Viewer, and within that, print a copy of each log beginning 
October 12, 2004 through Nov. 3, 2004.
Item 7: All e-mails, letters, notes, and other correspondence between any 
employee of your elections division and any other person, pertaining to 
your voting system, any anomalies or problems with any component of the 
voting system, any written communications with vendors for any component of 
your voting system, and any records pertaining to upgrades, improvements, 
performance enhancement or any other changes to your voting system, between 
Oct. 12, 2004 and Nov. 3, 2004.
Item 8: So that we may efficiently clarify any questions pertaining to your 
specific county, please provide letterhead for the most recent 
non-confidential correspondence between your office and your county 
counsel, or, in lieu of this, just e-mail us the contact information for 
your county counsel.

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