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It could be that the Democrats knew they had
no real chance of winning and that Kerry's tough
talk was intended to drive Bush into a position
that would ultimately destroy him.

I see no reason to believe that they will do the
smart thing in Iraq.  I think they will continue
to "try" until we can't stand the financial and
moral pain of what they are doing.  Along the
way we will become the global pariah.

Steve Hovland

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>>The danger for the US is that the other side
will develop a habit of building temporary
strong points which we will attack and occupy, 
thus spreading our troops ever more thinly.<<

--I think it's too early to say whether US strategy
will work agains the Iraqi insurgency or whether it is
just offering training exercises to insurgents who
melt away when forces are massed against them. On top
of that, there are always "soft targets" which are too
expensive to defend adequately. Bin Laden's strategy
is to bankrupt the US and make it too dangerous for
people to do business with the US, and his strategy
may have more opportunities to succeed than ours, if
we cannot improve our intelligence networks to the
point of anticipating attacks, especially by groups we
do not currently track. Al Qaeda has opened up a
market for terrorism, a vehicle for unknown groups to
establish their name in the media by staging
spectacular and gruesome atrocities. Using
conventional forces against that will probably not
work. We need to start applying marketing psychology
to military psychology, and understand the enemy
better than he understands us.


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