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At 11:56 AM 11/19/2004 -0800, Geraldine  Reinhardt wrote:
>Your Global Map depicting countries pro Bush vs. Kerry is fairly 
>When was this map drawn?  It looks to me as though it is filled with "old 

About 2-3 weeks before the election, the Financial Times
(not a left-wing rag!) reported world-wide polls in which 3 nations 
supported Bush, 2 were neutral,
and all others pro-Kerry. The 3 were Poland, Phillipines and Nigeria. The 2 
were Thai land
(one of the ties was Thai! sorry...) and India. Views of Islam clearly were 
in the background.
My Division at NSF was mainly Indian and Nigerian, and we had some jokes...
and some very embarrassed Indians. One of whom told me there was a new poll 
before the election, and then it was only Poland. I didn't ping him for 

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