[Paleopsych] Re: Blue and Red States on a Global basis

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I would have thought Bush's task after being elected 
U.S. President
was to mold his allies into a common cause.  That seems 
to be what
we are now observing as Bush romances Chirac.  Which of 
European leaders still scorn Bush's lead?  And what 
about Putin.....
I do think he's still part of the gameplan.
A new world-wide poll needs to be taken before the 
Holidays.  I think the Blue and Red States might offer 
a different


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> About 2-3 weeks before the election, the Financial 
> Times
> (not a left-wing rag!) reported world-wide polls in 
> which 3 nations supported Bush, 2 were neutral,
> and all others pro-Kerry. The 3 were Poland, 
> Phillipines and Nigeria. The 2 were Thai land
> (one of the ties was Thai! sorry...) and India. Views 
> of Islam clearly were in the background.
> My Division at NSF was mainly Indian and Nigerian, 
> and we had some jokes...
> and some very embarrassed Indians. One of whom told 
> me there was a new poll just
> before the election, and then it was only Poland. I 
> didn't ping him for sources.
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