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I think it's something more profound than a PR issue.

I have heard that the average Iraqi thinks we are there
for the oil.  If we came to zap Saddam, why didn't we
leave once the mission was accomplished?

I seem to recall that the PR firms who were hired to
try to do something about this emerged from their
research phases shocked at how deeply people in
other countries hate us.

The big problems are that we support dictators abroad
while enjoying freedom at home, and that we live well
on resources extracted from poor countries.  It will
take more than focus groups to fix that :-)

Steve Hovland

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>>Look to social psychologist Robert Cialdini for some

--Good source. Are we just not funding good PR for our
foreign policy, or are we hiring inept people? Or is
the Bush admin so tainted by its connections to the
oil industry that no amount of PR could help? The Bush
admin has put so much money into appealing to American
ideals, but why are we so bad at appealing to Arabs
and Muslims? It can't just be because they have a
different culture, hiphop and cowboy culture have been
sold to the world by people who didn't really
understand them but understood the psychology of
public relations. Are we just hiring the wrong people?


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