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Read Lakoff's comments on the strict father model.
That's how Bush approaches the world.  

As Bush himself said in an interview just before the 
election, when he is confronted by conflicting facts, 
he decides on principle or prays.

If Bush thinks he talks to God, does that make him
a schizophrenic?

How many different stories has Bush told about why
we attacked Iraq?

"Lousy job communicating" is a marvelous under-
statement.  They plainly lied about the war and many
other topics.  I'm starting to read Stephen Covey's
"8th Habit."  Many people feel that integrity is the
most important characteristic of leadership.  Above
all, that means being truthful.

It is a fact that Bush has a history of alcohol
and cocaine abuse.  Both of those poisons
physically damage the brain, which can lead
to presenile dementia.

I suspect we see little of Bush because when
he goes off script he doesn't make sense, and
it may be getting worse.  

What is the chain of succession?  VP then 
Secretary of State? If Cheney is having problems 
with shortness of breath, is there a chance that Ms. 
Rice could become the first black and the first female
President of the United States, should Bush
become disabled?

Steve Hovland

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Yes, you have hit the nail on the head here. Why are we so poor at PR 
with the Arab street? I don't think it is oil money, since you can sell 
a lot of less likely ideas with proper communication. I wish I knew, and 
it is one the the reasons I am so uneasy with Bush and his team. They 
seem to be absolutely blind. Anyone know why????
    I actually think they have also done a lousy job communicating with 
the American public. This election shouldn't have been close, if you 
look at the basic fact that we are at war and generally people will not 
change horses in the middle of the war, and Kerry really offered almost 
nothing new (in contrast with Howard Dean who was a much more 
interesting person, IMHO). Bush has done a very poor job of 
communicating about the war. In fact, he has avoided press conferences 
in his first term, although when I watch him, he really isn't too bad at 
them. It is a kind of obtuseness about persuasive communication and its 
value.  A number of people on the right are very disturbed by Bush's 
failure to effectively communicate his message.
    Bush isn't new with that obtuseness. Lyndon Johnson used to say, "If 
you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow" and 
look where that got him.


Michael Christopher wrote:

>>>Look to social psychologist Robert Cialdini for some
>--Good source. Are we just not funding good PR for our
>foreign policy, or are we hiring inept people? Or is
>the Bush admin so tainted by its connections to the
>oil industry that no amount of PR could help? The Bush
>admin has put so much money into appealing to American
>ideals, but why are we so bad at appealing to Arabs
>and Muslims? It can't just be because they have a
>different culture, hiphop and cowboy culture have been
>sold to the world by people who didn't really
>understand them but understood the psychology of
>public relations. Are we just hiring the wrong people?
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