[Paleopsych] selling america to the world

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 22 20:32:03 UTC 2004

"one of us" hits pretty close to what Lakoff highlights.

People vote their identity, not their self-interests.

Perhaps the Progressives can take over the
Reptilian emotion of hunger, manifesting as hope.
The Republicans pretty much own fear.

Steve Hovland

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>>I wish I knew, and it is one the the reasons I am so
uneasy with Bush and his team. They seem to be
absolutely blind. Anyone know why????<<

--It does seem that the Bush team is dominated by
people who did really well with a single political
formula and can't change their strategy to deal with a
different culture. What worked in Texas and other
Southern and Midwestern states didn't work in the West
and Northeast. People living in high-divorce states
claiming they can protect marriage by keeping gays out
of it just don't make any sense, unless you're
responding with a sense of emotional identity, "He's
one of us" and not thinking about reality. If someone
is "one of us" we don't really have to think about
their argument, just how it makes us feel. I doubt
many Arabs would respond to Southern white male
identity politics, despite some similarities in the
two cultures. And that identity thing is what
Democrats have lacked since Clinton. We'd reject
Abraham Lincoln for the same reason, he just wouldn't
be charismatic enough and wouldn't come across as "one
of us".


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