[Paleopsych] gender balance in politics

Geraldine Reinhardt waluk at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 23:20:22 UTC 2004

> --The system is dominated by men, and by women loyal
> to men.
If women weren't loyal to men then I can't imagine who 
they should support.  Loyalty is the only way a leader 
is able to build his alliance so that social justice 
can be pursued.  Dividing the sexes is one certain way 
to polarize a country's thinking.  Males are the ones 
who make great statesmen while women allow them to 
reach their potential.  That old adage: "behind every 
successful man is a woman" holds true in most 
instances.  Very rarely does a male reach his apogee 
without assistance from a gentler being.

The original thrust of this thread was polarity between 
Dem's and GOP and my suggestion was that neither 
Presidential candidate was that extreme.  I will 
continue with this belief until someone can prove 
otherwise.  I do hope the proof comes without political 

Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar

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>>>I've been following this thread and what occurs
> to me is why cannot the Dems join with the GOP in
> pursuit of social justice?<<
> --The system is dominated by men, and by women loyal
> to men. In order to break out of the box and work
> together, they would have to have more females to
> pressure the men to put unity before suspicion. It's
> like asking Israelis and Arabs to work together, it
> works great in small, committed groups and becomes
> impossible as a mass. Polarities work that way, and
> I'm pretty sure only women can resolve polarities as 
> a
> mass in a way which truly breaks society out of the
> box it's in. In small groups, men can do it just 
> fine,
> but the larger the group, the more balance is needed
> between males and females in order for the group to 
> be
> genuinely adaptable. Otherwise, men dominate and
> cannot be entirely honest because honesty involves
> appearing vulnerable, and men just don't do that when
> real power and risk is involved.
> The alternative is for some form of "feminine
> consciousness" (read: intuitive, holistic,
> integrative) to take over men as a group. Dunno if
> that happens without a lot of help from women.
> Michael
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