[Paleopsych] gender balance in politics

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 19:50:54 UTC 2004

>>I've been following this thread and what occurs 
to me is why cannot the Dems join with the GOP in 
pursuit of social justice?<<

--The system is dominated by men, and by women loyal
to men. In order to break out of the box and work
together, they would have to have more females to
pressure the men to put unity before suspicion. It's
like asking Israelis and Arabs to work together, it
works great in small, committed groups and becomes
impossible as a mass. Polarities work that way, and
I'm pretty sure only women can resolve polarities as a
mass in a way which truly breaks society out of the
box it's in. In small groups, men can do it just fine,
but the larger the group, the more balance is needed
between males and females in order for the group to be
genuinely adaptable. Otherwise, men dominate and
cannot be entirely honest because honesty involves
appearing vulnerable, and men just don't do that when
real power and risk is involved.

The alternative is for some form of "feminine
consciousness" (read: intuitive, holistic,
integrative) to take over men as a group. Dunno if
that happens without a lot of help from women.


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