[Paleopsych] The Hedgehog Review: The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture

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Thu Oct 7 19:34:10 UTC 2004

The Hedgehog Review: The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture

[I discovered this great journal from the Chronicle of Higher Education's 
daily briefing, Academe Today. The article summarized is not online, but I 
discovered that this journal, which eminates from my alma mater, has 
articles that touch transhuman, postmodern, artistic, religious, and other 
themes. I grabbed all that I could and will be doling them out bit by bit 
to all my lists. Something for everyone.]

"There is a line among the fragments of the Greek poet Archilocus
which says, 'The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big
thing.'"--Isaiah Berlin

Critical Reflections on Contemporary Culture

    Winner of The Best New Journal Award given by the Council of Editors
    of Learned Journals, The Hedgehog Review is an interdisciplinary,
    academic journal that explores the most pressing issues and questions
    of our day. One of the hallmarks of our time is the fragmentation of
    academic inquiry, where the specialization of scholarly pursuit leads
    to ways of thinking and speaking that are increasingly technical,
    insular, and self-confirming. Against these tendencies the Institute
    for Advanced Studies in Culture launched The Hedgehog Review in 1999.
    The journal brings together essays, interviews, bibliographies, and
    book reviews by scholars from throughout the humanities and social
    sciences. By focusing attention from many disciplines of study on one
    issue or question, the journal aims to be a unique resource for those
    concerned with making sense of the puzzles, perplexities, and promise
    of our time.

    Upcoming Issue:
    The Fate of the Arts
    (Summer 2004)

    Current Issue:
    [5]Religion and Violence Religion and Violence
    (Spring 2004)

    [8]Technology and the Human Person Technology and the Human Person
    (Fall 2002)

    [10]Pragmatism Pragmatism: What's the Use?
    (Fall 2001)

    [12]Evil Evil
    (Summer 2000)--sold out

    [14]Democracy Democracy
    (Spring 2000)

    [16]Identity Identity
    (Fall 1999)

    [18]Fear Itself Fear Itself
    (Fall 2003)

    [20]America in the World The Commodification of Everything
    (Summer 2003)

    [22]America in the World America in the World
    (Spring 2003)

    [24]Religion and Globalization Religion and Globalization
    (Summer 2002)--sold out

    [26]Individualism Individualism
    (Spring 2002)

    [28]The Body and Being Human The Body and Being Human
    (Summer 2001)

    [30]Living With Our Differences Living with Our Differences
    (Spring 2001)

    [32]What's the University For? What's the University for?
    (Fall 2000)


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