[Paleopsych] the prison of left vs. right

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I think the most persistent polarization is that between
the few and the many, the aristocrats and the commoners,
the elite and the rest of us.  Often the left-right mirrors
the upper-lower, but at the moment in the US the major
parties are both elite parties.  

This would also be true in India, where the upper castes
are descended from people who conquered India and
placed the natives into the lower castes.

Steve Hovland

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This cropped up in an email conversation with a friend from India tonight.  
It relates to things Michael Lockhart (anonymous_animus) and I have been 

Abhinav Goyal: To be frank, I am a little confused about which side of the 
spectrum - right or left - do I really belong to?  

hb: it's disturbing that in India you feel compelled to fit into the two 
available stereotypes of political thought in the West.  

A choice between only two political approaches in a world of great complexity 
indicates that our political concepts are primitive and stifling.  

What's worse, it indicates that our politics are a  badge of identity, a 
decision about which of  two social groups we want to join.  The notion that they 
are useful or penetrating ideas is merely a blind, a disguise for a social 

I suspect that the more you maintain a position above, below, and outside the 
acceptable spectrum of left and right, the more likely you are to produce 
thoughts of value to your fellow human beings.  Howard

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