[Paleopsych] Times of India: In Modi's Gujarat, Hitler is a textbook hero

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Sat Oct 16 21:41:32 UTC 2004

I sent this to the owner of a transhumanist list just a moment ago, but 
it's certain so apt for this one that I needn't worry about sending it. 
Hope we don't get too heated over who's the most admired person in the 
world. Yeah, Jesus and Mohammed for religious leaders. But who else is 
ahead of Hitler?

James, I'm fearful of sending this, as it might start a storm. What do you 
think? I'll do whatever your say. This comes from Education Week's series of 
international links.

A storm was set off a few weeks ago when someone compared Hitler unfavorably to 
Gandhi. So here's the opposite view. You'll have to click to get the rest of 
the article, if you're really interested. Hitler is easily one of the ten most 
people people, living or dead, in the world today, esp. in the third world. 
He's viewed as someone who started out from an unprivledged background, made is 
way to the top, and took revenge on his enemies. Revenge is near the bottom of 
my own ranking of Steve Reiss' 16 Basic Desires, but it's near the top for a 
good many people. They are not very concerned about what Hitler's policies were 
or whether their image of him corresponds to the fact: what matters is that he 
stuck it to the other guy.

Hitler might even be no. 1, except for certain religious leaders. He's probably 
no. 1 among politicians. (Uncle Joe is still admired in Russia, since he would 
not brook nonsense. I don't think Chairman Mao is remembered fondly by very 
many people. Castro is admired throughout Latin America for sticking it to the 
Yanquis. Kennedy is also admired in Latin America, for being a Catholic. This 
is more positive. But I digress.

We do not like this, but we should know the world as it is.

In Modi's Gujarat, Hitler is a textbook hero

    AHMEDABAD: Gandhi is not so great, but Hitler is. Welcome to high
    school education in Narendra Modi's Gujarat, where authors of social
    studies textbooks published by the Gujarat State Board of School
    Textbooks have found faults with the freedom movement and glorified
    Fascism and Nazism.
    While a Class VIII student is taught 'negative aspects' of Gandhi's
    non-cooperation movement, the Class X social studies textbook has
    chapters on 'Hitler, the Supremo' and 'Internal Achievements of
    The Class X book presents a frighteningly uncritical picture of
    Fascism and Nazism. The strong national pride that both these
    phenomena generated, the efficiency in the bureaucracy and the
    administration and other 'achievements' are detailed, but pogroms
    against Jews and atrocities against trade unionists, migrant
    labourers, and any section of people who did not fit into Mussolini or
    Hitler's definition of rightful citizen don't find any mention." They
    committed the gruesome and inhuman act of suffocating 60 lakh Jews in
    gas chambers" is all the book, authored by a panel, mentions of the
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   65. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-868469,curpg-2.cms

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