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Here is a topic you and I agree on (rare???) I like it, want in on the 
discussion. Please forward this to the list; I am away from my home 

As you know from my own website, I am big on positive connotation and 
solution-focused thinking. My variation: A visionary view Discover, Dream, 
Design, Deliver.

Discover: Where are the inspiring stories about alternative energy? Let's 
have a government / media cooperative effort to publicize them.
Dream: Based on this, sponsor symposiums / articles / festschrifts / 
publicity about the nation's dream of energy independence. Talk about how 
it will enrich our nation, how more resources can shift to education and 
how our nation can again be the leader of the world, this time in energy 
independency. In other words, foster exchanges of dreams.
Design: Based on the two above steps, what does our next step look like? 
Where are the choice points, the inflection points? What will cause the 
critical mass to tip (tipping points)? How can Spiral Dynamics contribute?
Delivery: Demonstration and feasibility projects, private enterprise, 
social psychology efforts to energize people using those choices. What can 
we start to do today? I ride my bicycle to work (yes, in spire of owning an 
SUV) in decent weather. News stories on "what I did today to defeat 
islamofacisism." Encourage each person to 'do something today'

We have two senior republican senators from my state, and what I am willing 
to do (since I can't ride the bike until spring comes) is write repeatedly 
to them. Bennett will clearly be re-elected. He is a man motivated by 
vision. He put tremendous energy into the Y2K problem. I can try to 
influence him. What can others do? Republicans will almost certainly 
control both houses post election, so we need to talk to them. Perhaps 
others could encourage the Dems to tone down the attack speech and worth 
together, post 04?


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>"Your children are going to starve in the future
>if we don't make a major effort to switch to
>alternative energy sources."
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