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Alice Andrews aandrews at hvc.rr.com
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Hi Seamus,

Yes, I think this is close to what I'm getting at...Though, I'm not sure the time variable was my concern as much as a semantics/conceptual one. But...to echoe my intellectual 'softness' right now...Maybe that is what I meant. But I don't think so! ; )
many cheers to you!
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  Hello Alice, and your EPishness conquers all on this one for me really.

  I personally thought the concept and observation of your 'hierarchical nature' came into play, as a crucial kind of understanding of human beings, as sentient beings who, being self aware, derive choice or selection, from a multi-fascited realm of what is possible, averaging out to what is functional in time.

  I usually just breeze by the PaleoWindow if the weather draws me within, but thought your approach, was refreshing!

  Seamus Dunlap

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