[Paleopsych] 5 Gmail (Google Mail) accounts for grabs

Emmanuel Lusinchi emmanuel.lusinchi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 17:26:03 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I've been real quite on this list for the past year and a half or so
(lots of change in my life recently), but I wanted to chime in with an
offer for all of you good people.

Thanks to a friend, I got a GMail account a while ago and I have been
using it for the paleopsych list with much success. The combination of
search feature, *huge* mail capacity and topic-threading mechanism
makes GMail an ideal email account for receiving this mailing list.

I now have 6 fresh new accounts to distribute to whomever I choose.
I'm saving one for Howard naturally, so that 5 that are up for grabs.
First come, first served. I'll need your First Name, Last Name and
current email address to send you the Gmail offer.

And Howard, please let me know if you want the GMail account or if I
should put it up for grab as well.



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