[Paleopsych] 5 Gmail (Google Mail) accounts for grabs

Premise Checker checker at panix.com
Sat Sep 4 18:58:05 UTC 2004

Please send the offer to Frank Forman, checker at panix.com if there are any 


On 2004-09-02, Emmanuel Lusinchi opined [message unchanged below]:

> Hi all,
> I've been real quite on this list for the past year and a half or so
> (lots of change in my life recently), but I wanted to chime in with an
> offer for all of you good people.
> Thanks to a friend, I got a GMail account a while ago and I have been
> using it for the paleopsych list with much success. The combination of
> search feature, *huge* mail capacity and topic-threading mechanism
> makes GMail an ideal email account for receiving this mailing list.
> I now have 6 fresh new accounts to distribute to whomever I choose.
> I'm saving one for Howard naturally, so that 5 that are up for grabs.
> First come, first served. I'll need your First Name, Last Name and
> current email address to send you the Gmail offer.
> And Howard, please let me know if you want the GMail account or if I
> should put it up for grab as well.
> Bests,
> --
> emmanuel
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