[Paleopsych] Kerry and Armageddon

Werbos, Dr. Paul J. paul.werbos at verizon.net
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At 03:22 PM 9/13/2004 -0700, Steve wrote:
>What does it involve mechanically?
>Does it go beyond changes to the
>fuel injection systems?

Materials in gas tanks, gaskets, hoses ... and, in the conventional
tehcnology, an oxygen sensor and hookups from there to control injection.

The last part can be made cheaper ($1) using new technology we have been 
but I wouldn't wait for it (even though truly competent folks COULD do it 
within 2 years,
and it helps clean air at the same time!).

Brazil is already getting lots of ethanol/gasoline vehicles on the private 
but we need to move faster, and to add that little increment to let 
methanol compete too.

For the record, all incentives and R&D programs which support biohydrogen 
or bioethanol should be extended to
biomethanol, simply because logic insists... the external benefits of 
getting it from renewable bio sources are as
good for biomethanol as for the others. Whatever they may be. I don't have 
a number...

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>At 06:17 AM 9/13/2004 -0700, Steve wrote:
> >If GEM capability can be done as a retrofit,
> >which I expect it can, then the whole fleet
> >could be converted in less than the 15 years
> >it takes to replace the fleet.  And it could
> >be done on a crash basis.
>Sorry. Not technically viable.
>(Have you ever tried replacing just one gasket?).
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