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Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 18:57:46 UTC 2004

>>And on war -- Cheney's comments about "sensitivity" 
really drove me up a tree; it is a commitment to a way
of thinking that would have lost every war the 
US has ever been involved in!<<

--What's really strange about Cheney's comment is that
Bush used the exact same word -- "sensitive" -- in
describing how the US should approach foreign policy.
Cheney seems to have no real ethic when he campaigns,
he's going with every rhetorical stab he can get in,
regardless of how hypocritical or contradictory it may
sound in a larger context. The branding of Kerry as a
"flip-flopper" has worked very well for the GOP, even
though it's as simplistic and mindless as any
advertising campaign. Once branded, celebrities,
including politicians, find it very hard to escape.
Bush has branded himself the "hero" and will run with
it, avoiding any political move which would threaten
the brand's integrity. Given a choice between
appearing weak and doing something stupid that appears
strong, he'll go with the latter option, every time.
As he does, he'll make greater and greater ethical
compromises, until the public imagination decides it's
time to flip the polarity and put Bush into the
"villain" role. 

Americans are in huddle-mode, and they will respond
the way any herd responds, with black and white
perception based on images of heroism and weakness. We
must build up a hero, then sacrifice him, as the
unconscious dark gods demand. That hero/sacrifice role
seems to have been given to Bush, all too willing to
accept it, and if he wins the election (I think it's
likely he will), he will have a difficult time not
being taken down by scandal or assassination in his
next term. Polarities are nothing to play with, and I
think he's in over his head.


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