[Paleopsych] armageddon fantasies

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
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It's also a convergence of events- bad weather and all
its side effects like famine and property destruction, 
catastrophic competition for basic resources like energy
and water, along with the rise of exteme belief systems 
on various sides.

In the past I have speculated that if Jung visited America
today he would have the same misgivings he had when
he visited pre-War Germany.  There is a darkness rising
from our collective psyche for which I think we will pay
a terrible price.

There are many Baby Boomers who did not engage 
the Vietnam issue, and I think that many of them will be 
getting their kids back in body bags because they did not 
learn the lessons then.

Those of us who process our stuff in therapy instead of
projecting it onto the world in the form of  mass violence 
need to keep thinking about what we want the reconstruction
to look like.

Steve Hovland

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>>But now I am thinking that we are caught up in 
something that may as well be called "The Apocalypse."
 Of course, this does not mean THE END OF THE WORLD,
but just The End Of The World As We Know It.<<

--It does seem there is a convergence of beliefs about
the end of the world. Christians are eagerly awaiting
the End Times, complete with Big Brother and WWIII and
Jesus returning to rule with an iron rod. New agers
talk of the end of the Mayan calendar and "timewave
zero". Radical Muslims are doing their best to revive
the Crusades and prepare for a new Islamic empire.
It's as if there's a strange attractor in the global

Expectations are more powerful than the will. It's
very hard to prepare for a future you don't believe is
possible, and with so many people preparing for
Armageddon, it seems there is great potential for
self-fulfilling prophesies to take on a life of their
own, regardless of what individuals want. 

I can only imagine the guilt this generation will
carry when its children hold it accountable for what
was left to them. 


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