[Paleopsych] Chinese Eugenics

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 3 00:30:07 UTC 2005

Has anyone conferred with the Chinese to determine whether or not they 
are engaged in Eugenics?  I'm assuming you are referencing the one-child 
per family policy for population control.  If not could someone please 

Placing the shoe on another foot.....should United States be accused of 
engaging in Eugenics because it is attempting to maintain a very high 
health control for its citizens while promoting scientific advancements 
in geriatrics. 

Throughout history Eugenics in one form or another has always been a 
high governmental policy. 

Gerry Reinhart-Waller

Premise Checker wrote:

> Today's theme is Chinese Eugenics. Several articles will follow, some 
> of them alarming, others offensive. But the threat or promise of 
> Chinese eugenics could well be the biggest transhumanist development 
> in the next generation. Questions to ponder?
> 1. Are the Chinese creating a master race?
> 2. Will Chinese eugenics trigger off a eugenics arms race?
> 3. Will these arms races be directed by central governments?
> 4. Since it will take a generation for eugenics to have an effect, is 
> there any government that can plan ahead that long? Autarchies are 
> prone to being overthrown and politicians in democracies face the 
> electorate several times a generation. Both of these militate against 
> long-range planning.
> 5. Will autarchies select for conformity toward national objectives or 
> will they realize that what is required for national goals to be 
> achieved is a population that is creative, cantankerous, rebellious, 
> as well as intelligent? These prospective populations put existing 
> governments at a severe risk.
> 6. Will parents in nations that allow for individual eugenic choice 
> risk having children that will be pointlessly rebellious for the sake 
> of a very few that will be recognized as true pioneers only by 
> posterity? How thick is the line between genius and madness?
> 7. How will a Chinese-dominated world differ from the world we know?
> 8. How far will one nation have to get ahead to dominate the world?
> 9. How can the world be made safe for pluralism?
> 10. Are these prospects so wicked that a preventive nuclear war be 
> launched against RED China, as some neocons seem to wish?
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