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Mon Apr 4 02:56:20 UTC 2005

I'm not necessarily thinking of an external agent.

Where would "external" be in this case?

I'm more thinking of deeper inside, possibly
pervasive forces.

In The Anti-Aging Solution the authors
mention that gene repair is done by 3 sets
of enzymes- one that recognizes the type of
damage, another that cuts out the damaged
part, and a 3rd that makes the correct 
replacement part.  They also mention that
genes are normally coiled around a histone
protein which might be a "bus" that communicates
along the gene.

Steve Hovland

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Steve - it's wrong to think in terms of a Master Control Program. It all 
has to be "inevitable" somehow. Each entity's being is accounted for in its 
own "motivations" - what I call "the desire to be" (analogous to Martin 
Heidegger's Dasein). There is no need for an external agent, Master Medler. 
Take away all entities in the universe as we know it, and "somethingness" 
will immediately spring back in to start through the whole cycle all over 
again. Life is an inevitability, an expression of fundamental principles of 
cognition. Intelligent Design? Each entity is "intelligently" making 
choices from the world it finds itself in. So, in one sense, the 
Intelligent Design advocates might be onto something. But that 
choice-making must comply with all physical laws, such as the laws of 
thermodynamics and entropy. Generally speaking, the notion of a Master 
Control Program breaches the laws of inevitability and the law of entropy. 
There is no need for a Master Medler. There IS a need to identify general 


At 12:12 AM 4/4/05, Steve Hovland wrote:

>And what is the Master Control Program for
>all of this?


There can be no complexity without simplicity:

Stephen Jarosek (aka Springette - same name, different language -
                 nemluvim Cesky - ale znam mnoha slovo!)

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