[Paleopsych] CNET: Viagra ruled kosher for Passover

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Sun Apr 17 16:45:19 UTC 2005

Viagra ruled kosher for Passover
April 13, 2005, 12:54 PM PDT

    Looks like those who adhere to Passover laws forbidding the
    consumption of leaven can make an exception when it comes to one type
    of rising agent--Viagra.

    According to Wednesday's [75]Jerusalem Post (free registration
    required), rabbis have found a way to work around the fact that the
    pills' coating contains leaven, which is to be avoided during
    [76]Passover to commemorate the story that Jews escaping slavery in
    ancient Egypt were too hurried to let their bread rise.

    The Jerusalem Post points out that drugs taken for life-threatening
    conditions, even if they contain yeast, baking powder or other
    "hametz," can--and must--be taken during Passover. Since erectile
    dysfunction can hardly be considered life-threatening, few rabbis
    approved Viagra's use during the upcoming festival of freedom, which
    begins on April 23.

    But after receiving queries from religious men and Pfizer
    Pharmaceuticals-Israel about whether Viagra can be taken during the
    holiday, prominent rabbi Mordechai Eliahu ruled that men can take the
    drug if they purchase special empty capsules made from kosher gelatin
    before the holiday, then insert the blue pill into the capsule and

    Posted by Leslie Katz
    Leslie Katz is an associate editor who focuses on personal technology.



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