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Premise Checker checker at panix.com
Wed Apr 20 14:01:08 UTC 2005

How do you do an RSS feed? I have a UNIX shell account and use Pine for 
e-mail, Lynx for the Web, and trn or tin for the Newsgroups (which I 
rarely visit anymore). I'm not sure how I can get these feeds either.

Anyhow, I'm cutting down to ten articles a day to this list. After I've 
sent items to my list, I'll go back and resend to this one, unless it has 
such obvious relevance that I'll send it out at once.

But I would like to know about RSS feeds. I did try them once on my 
account at work, which uses MS Outlook and Internet Explorer. But I got 
too much stuff and never went back to learn how to use it.

On 2005-04-20, Thrst4knw at aol.com opined [message unchanged below]:

> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:02:37 EDT
> From: Thrst4knw at aol.com
> To: paleopsych at paleopsych.org, checker at panix.com
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> Subject: Re: [Paleopsych] unsubscribe
> I like the news feed, but the inbox isn't always the best place for it for
> some people depending on how they work.
> Frank, what about setting up your news emails as an RSS feed rather than a
> listserv?
> That would let people get the headlines without filling their inbox.
> Todd
> In a message dated 4/19/2005 8:20:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> n.j.c.bannan at reading.ac.uk writes:
> I do not intend to unsubscribe at this point, but I do identify strongly
> with the view that more information is entering the inbox than is fully
> compatible with the original function of this site as a discussion forum
> between individuals with an interest in this field.  It is impossible to
> know how to police this without appearing offensive.  But I regret that we
> may see a pattern of valued individuals withdrawing from the group as a
> consequence of what it has become.
> Nicholas
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>> I would like to unsubscribe.  There are way too many emails daily.
>> "Paul J. Werbos, Dr." <paul.werbos at verizon.net> wrote:
>>> unsubscribe

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