[Paleopsych] Lipids, depression and suicide

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Wed Apr 20 14:14:25 UTC 2005

Lipids, depression and suicide
Colin A, Reggers J, Castronovo V, Ansseau M.
Assistante Clinique, Universite de Liege,
CUP La Clairiere, Bertrix.
Encephale 2003 Feb;29(Pt 1):49-58

Polyunsatured fatty acids are made out of a hydrocarbonated chain of 
variable length with several double bonds. The position of the first double 
bond (w; omega) differentiates polyunsatured w3 fatty acids (for example: 
alpha-linolenic acid or a-LNA) and polyunsatured w6 fatty acids (for 
example: linoleic acid or LA). These two classes of fatty acids are said to 
be essential because they cannot be synthetised by the organism and have to 
be taken from alimentation. The w3 are present in linseed oil, nuts, soya 
beans, wheat and cold water fish whereas w6 are present in maize, sunflower 
and sesame oil. Fatty acids are part of phospholipids and, consequently, of 
all biological membranes. The membrane fluidity, of crucial importance for 
its functionning, depends on its lipidic components. Phospholipids composed 
of chains of polyunsatured fatty acids

The rest of the story:  http://www.biopsychiatry.com/lipidsmood.htm

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