[Paleopsych] anti-gay arguments

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 19:51:59 UTC 2005

>>Far right campaigners, however, say they will 
protest the case. "Children should not be used as
guinea pigs to serve the interests of adults," Martin
Foley of the Life charity told The Sun.<<

--All children are guinea pigs. There is no way to
know how any combination of parents will affect their
kids, and there's no way to know how future cultural
developments will affect kids. If we wanted to be
really conservative, *nobody* would have kids.

>>"Nobody has the right to a child. They are gifts --
and their welfare and rights must come before the

--As far as I know, every adult has the right to have
children. I'm not sure I'd want government meddling
THAT far in people's affairs (sounds almost Communist,
really). If there is abuse, it's reasonable for the
government to step in, but it's purely conjecture to
say that gay parents are inherently abusive to
children. The same argument was used against
interracial marriage, that it would unfairly harm the
children. There is no empirical evidence suggesting
gay parents are any more harmful than parents in


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