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Sat Apr 23 19:27:28 UTC 2005

I don't understand how it would be easier for you to just an opening 
paragraph and a link instead of the entire article. Most e-mail software 
downloads the entire message before you open it, and the cost of storage 
on a hard disk is trivial, now on the order of 40 cents per Gigabyte.

Even so, you are asking me to do a lot of extra work, and those that would 
just as soon have the whole article will have to click on the link and 
wait for the article to appear on their browser. This can take 30 seconds 
or so, depending on how clogged one's machine is and on how clogged the 
Internet is. Besides, many articles expire after a week, and you have to 
pay to get them. If you do view the article and want to keep it, you'll 
have to save it to a special folder. Unless you type in the subject line 
of the article as the file name, you'll have problems finding it again. 
All this takes a great deal of time. As it is now, I can just search my 
Paleopsych folder for a string somewhere in the subject line.

So I think what you are asking me to do creates difficulties for me and 
for the others, and I cannot see how it would help you.

I await input from others.


On 2005-04-22, Michael Christopher opined [message unchanged below]:

> Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 21:35:19 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Michael Christopher <anonymous_animus at yahoo.com>
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> Subject: [Paleopsych] articles
> Frank says:
>>> Please advise on how many to send. If five is
> enough, say so. If you want all ten, say that too.
> I don't want the list to lose members who are
> overburdened with too many articles.<<
> --It would be easier for me if you sent a paragraph to
> describe each article, plus a link if the article is
> available online. Skimming a series of links is much
> easier than skimming a few hundred kilobytes of text.
> It's also nice when people are interactive and add
> their own thoughts. It's possible to get a huge amount
> of information online, but what is really innovative
> about internet is the way people from diverse
> backgrounds can combine ideas into a synthesis rather
> than repeating information that is already out there.
> Michael

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