[Paleopsych] What's the survival value of post traumatic stress disorder?

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If you have PTSD (post traumatic  stress disorder), your hippocampus works 
poorly and you have a lot of trouble  storing new memories.  It’s your old  
memories that prevail, the memories of the horrid experience that produced your  
trauma to begin with.  Is this  fixation with a danger in the past helpful to 
your personal survival? Or is it  helpful to something else—to the survival of 
society?  If you suffer from PTSD, does your brain  and body inflict that 
suffering every day to turn you into a signboard--a  walking warning of danger to 
the rest of us? 
Ted Coons proposes that us old  folks lose our ability to remember recent 
events but still hang on to memories  of our distant past for a reason.  Not a 
reason that helps us aging elders,  but a reason that helps the collective  
mind, the mass intellect of society.  We elders, Ted thinks, are storage jugs 
keeping antique memories alive  not for the sake of our personal survival, but for 
the sake of the younger folks  who’ve had no opportunity to experience or 
remember the days when we elders were  young and vigorous.  Those  youngsters 
have had no chance to remember the problems and solutions of our  childhoods way 
back when, the problems and solutions of an earlier generation or  two or 
Can PTSD victims serve a similar  function, as danger markers for those of us 
who’ve never experienced the horrors  that the past-obsessed and 
present-challenged PTSD patients  remember far, far better than they’d  like?  Are they 
walking warning  signs to the rest of us?  Are they,  like all of us, disposable 
modules in the mass learning machine of culture, in  the parallel distributed 
intelligence of the collective brain?
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