[Paleopsych] Wired 13.02: Revenge of the Right Brain

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I  thoroughly disagree with the premise. First, the idea of right-brain /  
left-brain has been thoroughly discounted. Second, the author is creating a  
false dichotomy. Most technical people are creative and artistic. Both my  
brother (Ph.D., chemical engineering) and my son (mechanical engineering) play  jazz 

I don't know, Lynn. I've known a number of engineers and they all had  tunnel 
vision, my present boyfriend, a tribology engineer, included. I  don't think 
it is necessarily a right brain/left brain dichotomy, but rather the  track 
that the train was running on didn't stop at literary junction.  I think most 
highly intelligent people are creative, but not necessarily  artistic.They are 
at the top of the food chain, but middle techies  are generally lacking in both 
creativity and artistic appreciation. 
Lorraine  Rice

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.  
---Andre Gide  

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