[Paleopsych] out of body experiences

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 25 18:54:04 UTC 2005

Michael Christopher wrote:

>>--I'm skeptical of that. How does one prove that
someone has learned something "out of the body" rather
than, say, from accumulated scraps of information
learned unconsciously from the environment? Especially
in an information-saturated environment, it seems like
jumping the gun to think that people gain information
from some supernatural channels. >>

OBEs like any other psychological phenomenon is truly in the eye of the beholder....an experience that is local to a certain individual.  This is no different from having traditional religious beliefs, being gifted in speaking numerous languages, or in offering harrangue to an eager audience.  Like most other etherial concepts, one cannot prove or disprove the ability a person has in undergoing an OBE -- you operate on faith and decide whether or not you believe the individual.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller

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