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Sun Aug 7 02:07:36 UTC 2005

These are my favorite sites. I'm narrowing my interests to major
cultural and genetic changes and differences. So please visit them or subscribe 
to the lists. I'll continue to cover certain publications that require a 

The New York Times
This is 99% Establishment, but the depth and breadth of its coverage of the 
news is incomparable, and I've looked at the major foreign newspapers in all 
languages to get a feel, at least, for their scope.

Arts & Letters Daily
This covers all aspects of culture. I have mined it every Monday.

Arts Journal
This covers only the arts and is strong on music. I get an e-message Monday 
through Friday.

World Transhumanism Organization
This is the best group promoting the ethical use of technology to upgrade 
mankind. There are several discussion lists.

The Last Ditch
This is the best of the paleo-libertarian sites. The editor makes pithy 
comments on the news, publishes articles, and carefully selects the best URLs. 
Too much criticism of U.S. foreign policy for my tastes, in which I have lost 
interest. There is no hope for a restoration of the Old Republic, which is why 
it's called The Last Ditch. I do continue to watch for news affecting 
federal-state-local relations.

The following Yahoo! groups:

Transhuman Technology
subscribe at yahoogroups.com/transhumantech
Too many articles are overly technical for my tastes, but it's a great source 
of news about developments and implications of technology.

Evolutionary Psychology
subscribe at yahoogroups.com/evolutionary-psychology
I scarcely follow this anymore, since my interests are more in the realm of 
human differences than in evolutionary commonalities.

Rael Science
subscribe at yahoogroups.com/rael-science-select
Yes, Rael is the French journalist who purports to have received a message in 
1973 from outer space explaining the extraterrestrial origin of life on earth. 
I have not investigated the evidence offered for the authenticity of the 
dictated message, any more than I have looked at the evidence of the Golden 
Places Joseph Smith received. Still, the e-mail list is awfully good on science 
and its cultural implications. Many of the messages, though, criticize U.S. 
foreign policy.

World Education Club
subscribe at yahoogroups.com/worldeducationclub
This is where you can find most of my e-mails archived. Or you can join my list 
by sending me an e-message. If your mailbox gets full and messages come back, 
I'll drop you after a day or over the weekend. You'll have to tell me you've 
cleaned it out. If you go on vacation and ask that my messages be suspended, I 
may forget to restore you. In any case, you can always catch up at the World 
Education Club.

Magazines that need passwords: e-mail me for specific articles if the are not 
available to the general public.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
You've seen many articles from this site, so there's no need to describe it.

The Times Literary Supplement
This is certainly the top book review publication in the world. Part of my 
problem is that I have months and months of unread copies.

New Scientist
http://www.newscientist.com (The www is mandatory.)
The best lay science publication. Again, too many unread copies.

The Economist
Twenty or so years ago, I used to read this avidly.

Foreign Policy
To the extent I do read about foreign policy, this publication has more lively 
debates than any other one. These debates are well within Establishment limits. 
No call for the restoration of the Old Republic here.

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