[Paleopsych] government/business in health care

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 15 20:28:56 UTC 2005

>>I fear government enforcing this excellent idea,
since I work in health care, and government in health
care is always a disaster.<<

--What alternatives do you recommend? I'm not
convinced that business in health care is any less
bureaucratic than government. Business culture, at
least when a few large corporations dominate the
market, seems to have some of the same problems as
government culture. The assumption that the market is
the friendlier force is often detached from an actual
comparison between people's experiences with
government and with business... those who have the
money to pay for good service (money does talk) are
often isolated from what others experience lower down
on the ladder, and they don't always realize the
consequences of making drastic changes in the system
because they are insulated from the effects of those
changes, beyond reducing their own taxes. For many of
the wealthy, as long as their own tax rate goes down,
everything's great. They don't always mingle on a
daily basis with people who don't have the same
resource, and it produces a lag time in the feedback
network that makes a society capable of reaching
balance. Ideally, those who make changes in a system
will be tapped into all levels of that system, and
respond to realtime feedback. Ideally, those who vote
for changes should have at least some contact with
people most affected. That isn't always the case.

My wife, who is from Australia, keeps complaining that
the large companies here don't put real people on the
phone for customer help and give people the runaround.
She feels Australia does better. She can be a little
patriotic about Australia, but then my mom says the
same thing and she's lived here all her life.
Corporations are not always less bureaucratic and
alienating than government, and there can be just as
much red tape, from what I've seen. 


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