[Paleopsych] True happiness.

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 24 03:54:59 UTC 2005

I honestly doubt it.  I think that people who need a 
happiness pill don't give a hoot....happiness is 
happiness in whatever dosage be it pharmelogical or 
religious.  I'm so pleased I'm not a happiness freak.


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> But is there a difference between types of hapiness 
> such that people will diferentiate between, for 
> example, the pharmacological hapiness and religious 
> hapiness?
> And is there one which can be called true?
> Can they be compared at all?
> Christian
> G. Reinhart-Waller wrote:
>> Happiness like most other emotions is truly in the 
>> eyes of the beholder.  Many psychiatrists have 
>> discovered the secret for creating an operable world 
>> for their patients and it consists of the new brands 
>> of Happy Drugs.  Prosaic has become standardized in 
>> America just like Apple Pie.  If the patient 
>> responds favorably, both psychologically and 
>> physically, then I'd say prescribe Prosaic.  But not 
>> all individuals have the same reaction to drugs nor 
>> do they have the same psychological problems.  Every 
>> tub on its own bottom.
>> Gerry Reinhart-Waller
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>>> Is religion *true* hapiness?
>>> I know many people who are oblivious to world 
>>> events and are definetely more happy than the ones 
>>> who follow what is going on. Are these people 
>>> *truly* happy?
>>> Is the spouse who doesn't know of their partner's 
>>> affair *truly* happy?
>>> Should we create an artifical environment of 
>>> happiness?
>>> This has been a long debate in philosophy.
>>> Christian

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