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>>Tom Coburn, the new senator from Oklahoma, has
called not just for outlawing abortion but for the
death penalty for doctors who break such a law.<<

--What they don't seem to realize with the "abortion
equals murder" argument is that the woman would have
to be treated identically to someone who hires an
assassin. I don't know if people who hire hitmen get
the death penalty, or in what states, but that's where
the logic goes. And once a group accepts an axiom and
believes it is heresy to turn back, the group is
capable of taking logic to extremes. Most Americans
would not, if asked, support the death penalty for
women who have abortions. But starting with the axiom
"abortion is child-murder", how do you turn back from
the logical consequences? This is how fundamentalist
bullies work, they induce a group to accept an axiom,
and then push it, step by step, to the logical
extreme, which tends to violate all human sense of
feeling and context.


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