[Paleopsych] Tom Coburn on abortion

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 15 16:36:23 UTC 2005

A lot of us on the left don't think abortion is
a good idea.

Anyone who knows a woman who has had
an abortion knows that she pays an emotional
price for it.

But we also know that women do make that
decision, and we don't think it is moral for
them to be forced to go to dangerous
back-alley abortionists when they do make
that decision.

The right needs to get in touch with reality
about the actual sexual behavior of people
from the age of 12 and up, and stop
opposing the science-based sex education
that would help prevent unwanted pregnancies..

Steve Hovland

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You are correct. I tried www.news.google.com (I use news.google because 
I want actual news stories and not internet rumors) and I found one 
story from Oklahoma (Fox news) where they reported that. I did find a 
lot of secondary sources with the term "death penalty" but only that one 
primary source. Ironically he did perform two abortions himself in his 
medical career:

I agree with you. His position is thoughtless. Such violent speech must 
be opposed. I am personally repelled by abortion, but the right way to 
deal with that is education and persuasion about better alternatives. 
Violence is never the way. I plan to write to him and ask him to 
moderate his views - using persuasion and reason again.

I was doubtful because his profession - physician - should have taught 
him to do no harm. But that is certainly no guarantee of reason.

Michael Christopher wrote:

>>>Michael, this is a questionable report. I just 
>did a Yahoo News search for the terms:
>Tom Coburn Oklahoma abortion capital punishment
>No returns.<<
>--Try Google (lots of matches). I'd give you a source,
>but you'd have to tell me which sources you'd trust
>first, so I don't waste my time only to hear "Well,
>that's a liberal source, so I don't trust it". I've
>learned to ask that question first, to avoid the
>typical response.
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