[Paleopsych] perfection

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 20:55:12 UTC 2005

>>If man cannot be "perfected" by changes in the 
environment, it follows that it cannot be
"imperfected" by changes. If you assume the above then
you shouldn´t bother with how society is structured at

--What if everything is perfect, exactly how it must
be and can be no other way, and what if recognition of
that perfection is the key to changing the world?
Nearly every seemingly unsolvable problem in the world
seems to involve attributions of imperfection or evil
toward humans... what if that were to change? What if
species survival requires that it change?

Needless to say, what is perfect in terms of the
universe as a system may feel like imperfection to us,
as we are given boundaries to defend and feel a sense
of violation when the universe fails to respect them.
When other people fail to respect them, we contort
ourselves philosophically out of fear, anger or
projected guilt. When someone hurts you, you don't see
or feel them as perfect. But the universe may have
another opinion about that.


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