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Frank, thanks again. There is a gem for me almost every day in your 
articles. I hadn't see this and found it fascinating and quite apropos 
for Paleopsych, speaking as it does to blind adherence to group norms 
that are counter productive. It illustrates the worst features of 
religion, although the partisans would be horrified if I mentioned to 
them they were quite religious.

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Free Mumia?
[This is a little old, but support for Mumia rages on.]

                             By [1]Paul Mulshine
                  [2]FrontPageMagazine.com | August 1, 1995

    [3]Heterodoxy | August 1995

    SEVERAL YEARS AFTER THE MURDER of her husband, Maureen Faulkner moved
    to Southern California. It was as complete a change as she could
    imagine, from the confined rowhouse neighborhoods of Philadelphia to
    the wide-open beaches of the Pacific. She wanted to get away from it
    all, but the horror of his death has followed her.


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