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You know I am not wild about Bush but:
    - He got over 62 million votes, the most in history
    - he was elected with a majority, something Clinton never had
    - he was clear about his goals, such as social security reform and 
constructionist judges
    - he was elected in the middle of a very ugly and messy war, in 
spite of people not being supportive of what he is doing there.

    I think it is we who need to listen. I intend to. I mentioned I 
would try to influence pro-life people who characterize abortion as 
murder. I can  do that because I am part of the in-group, someone who is 
horrified by the notion of abortion. The only way to do that is through 
persuasion and reason, through joining and then influencing. An 
historian in my home town said if you want to influence a herd of 
cattle, you cannot ride in the middle, and you cannot ride far away. You 
have to ride on the edge. I don't view abortion as equal to murder, and 
talk of that disturbs me, but I am on the edge, where I can say, Let's 
put ourselves in the shoes of a desperate woman. She needs choices, not 
condemnation. Let's give her choices, including some attractive adoption 
    The people have spoken, and as a Democrat, you ought to follow 
Jefferson's direction and honor the voice of the people. I ask you to 
join with me and influence through kindness and understanding. It is a 
better way. Search your heart and ask yourself if I am not inviting you 
to a better way of life.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>How do you deal with someone who is
>not listening, which appears to be the
>case with the President?
>Steve Hovland
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>Michael gives an inspiring -- even transcendental -- reply here. Thanks.
>Michael Christopher wrote:
>>>>Why should I love someone who
>>has gone out and killed thousands
>>of people for no reason?<<
>>--Because hating them implicates you in their actions.
>>Hate attracts hate, love attracts love. Hating anyone
>>drives them further into their hate, reduces the
>>likelihood of them listening and responding to the
>>truth in what you say. If you cannot love your
>>opponent, simply speak truth, without hate.
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