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re: Please look at my new paper at a site of French AI  specialists:


hb: I read it, admired it, wished I'd been able to complete it with you,  
wished I'd had have my  name up there with yours and George's, and wrote  you a 
long email.  
I've just looked to see if the email was sent and it's disappeared without  a 
All thanks for citing me when the information or ideas I've provided prove  
Meanwhile I tried to send you an idea that Lee Smolin  has been  developing, 
one that relates to our conversations on quantum particles, ants,  and bees.  
It's his notion of loop quantum gravity:
"One  competing theory to string theory is called loop quantum gravity, 
pioneered by,  among others, Lee Smolin of  the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, 
Canada. It proposes that space-time  is constructed of loops even smaller than 
strings. Joining loops together  creates a mesh of nodes and branches called a 
spin network.  The advantage of this model is that space-time itself can be  
built out of these networks instead of having to be assumed, as it is in  
string theory." (JR Minkel Black holes,  but not as we know them 22 January 2005, 
NewScientist.comRetrieved January  20, 2005,  from the World Wide Web  
(http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18524836.500) )
A  mesh can be a universal communication device, one in which each loop is in 
touch  with all the others via their grand gestalt, their overarching shape.  
 Tug one corner of a sweater and it can effect every other  
loop--instantaneously.  Could a mesh with a shifting topology convey  information to each 
corner and nano-twist?  Howard
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