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I'm reading a marketing book called
"Let Them Eat Cake" by Pam Danziger
and she talks about affluent consumers
desiring "memorable experiences"
rather than more stuff.  Certainly good
service would count as a memorable
experience these days :-)

The sense of good service is in part
the result of a good business process
faithfully executed.  Most companies
have a long way to go in business
process improvement.  

I spent a few weeks before Christmas at 
Genentech helping their training group
improve about 50 processes, and that
is just a small part of the whole.

Steve Hovland

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>>Businesses don't seem to care that
they are sending "go away" signals.
An opportunity for those who call
customers in person :-)<<

--Yes, good point. The market will right itself by
sinking those companies and promoting ones that value
the human element. Part of a larger trend, I believe.


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