[Paleopsych] threats in groups

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 20:10:50 UTC 2005

>>What events signal to individuals that the 
functioning of their group may be compromised? Because
groups enhance individual success by providing members
with valuable resources, members should be attuned to
potential threats to group-level resources such as
territory, physical security, property, economic
standing, and the like.<<

--Which brings up the issue of what happens when group
members who are threatening to the long term health of
the group are rewarded for a single contribution, as
in an abusive male rewarded for being able to punish
an enemy, or a member of a corporation who brings in a
lot of money while undermining the integrity of the
whole. Or a group that colludes with each other,
forgives each other's "sins" in order to stay powerful
as a group, to the detriment of the tribe. Only when
the tribe can meet the needs that corrupt members meet
in order to avoid punishment can dysfunctional groups
be dissolved. Otherwise you have people who are very
dysfunctional carrying the flag/bible, posturing as
defenders of the tribe to avoid being seen as a
problem themselves.


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