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Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. ljohnson at solution-consulting.com
Wed Jul 20 12:16:32 UTC 2005

The name needs work -- sounds too much like New American Century 
project, where the neo-con movement articulated the necessity of a new 
foreign policy, based on values instead of national intereat and 

Actually, Clinton strongly considered invading Iraq, but was derailed by 
his Rod of Power. Clinton was clearly a neocon in his foreign policy, 
witness Bosnia and Somalia. The difference was that he was too dependent 
on polls and chickened out - Mogadishu, Black Hawk Down - and cut and 
run, thus encouraging Osama Bin Laden to view americans as cowards and 
promoting the idea that they can attack us. Bush II seems to care 
nothing for polls and thus stays the course. Things are improving in 
Iraq, but are not reported.

The economy is strong, and unemployment is at 5% which historically is 
pretty good. The deficit is coming down as tax revenues go up. The 
deficit shrank by $100 billion this year. The Laffer Curve still works.

Bush has replaced a moderate Supreme Court Justice with a hard-to-beat 
conservative, which will swing the court radically in the next few 
years, reversing the 5-4 O'Conner votes.

Best wishes with your New America project, I say you have s steep road 
ahead of you. Socialism always fails, and free market capitalism in the 
context of a liberal (small L) rule-of-law democracy is a terrible 
system but better than all others. You will have to invent some pretty 
clever ideas.

shovland at mindspring.com wrote:

>The NeoCons spent many years trying to sell their ideas.
>Bush I said no, and Clinton said no.  Bush II said yes.
>Now they have had their chance, and it's not working.
>After 6 years, we are less secure, less prosperous, and more divided than we were when they started.
>I see no reason to assume that things will improve if we "stay the course."  Most of us cannot wait years or decades to see if they are correct after all.
>We are facing a future where we will hit the limits of petroleum and water, and in which there will be fierce competition for all other natural resouces.
>Playing the global bully will only unite the world against us, and the situation in Iraq tells us that the cost-benefit ratio of waging war for resources is negative.
>We don't need to fight the NeoCons because they will collapse under the weight of their failed poliicies.
>We do need to build a vision to replace theirs, and I suggest the we call it the "New America Project."
>If in the future we cannot do well by conquering resources, we will have to do well by selling our ideas.
>There is no shortage of brainpower in America.
>Starting with basic needs for food, shelter, health care, transport, and communications, there is an abundance of ideas which we can implement to improve life all around the globe.  If we need more ideas, we can bring them in from the void.
>It starts with intent.
>Steve Hovland
>Vienna, Austria
>July 20, 2005
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